In 2007, Stone Rose was founded with the goal to modify the standard in which men’s shirts were being crafted. The goal was to create a garment that was elevated in its design, without sacrificing in its comfort. Stone Rose is fueled by creativity and evolution with a promise to deliver what is current. 

They develop all fabrics with intention and precision; assuring quality and comfort that has built trust and loyalty amongst their customers with a selection of innovative fabrics that serve a purpose. Natural cotton, with 4-way stretch, high-breathability, anti-microbial, moisture-wicking and crease-resistant properties are incorporated into their fabrications with customers’ lifestyle at the forefront of each decision.

The Stone Rose customer wants to feel comfortable in exploring self-expression. Their unique, custom-designed prints provide brand distinction and exclusivity. Every season they craft a combination of curated prints that are both on-trend and forward-thinking, bookended by sophistication and fun.

The smallest details leave the biggest impression.  Stone Rose takes pride in their attention to detail. They are practical because they are intentional; from contrast stitch and interior taping to hidden under-collar buttons and gussets, the garment design always starts with context. 

The Stone Rose design studio is based in Montreal, Canada, while the sales office is based out of Miami, Florida. Strategically, it has allowed them to keep our finger on the pulse by borrowing first hand perspective from their two most valuable markets. This, combined with the research and development across Europe, lends them the global inspiration and insight that is essential to their designs and discovering what is new, next and now.