The Brace Shirt - Pigment Dark Green

By carefully studying vintage military shirts, Kato has infused some of the essential “DNA” of the originals into their quintessential shirt. Being true to Kato form, this piece is as comfortable as it is tough, using a 95% cotton, 5% Polyurethane fabric that has a bit of give where it is needed.

This fabric has been pigment dyed using the garment dying method. This creates the aged look of the vintage military shirts that are treasured by collectors. The brace features two flap pockets and vintage style Cat’s Eye buttons.

The chainstitch runoff found on the side gussets is an interesting detail and a nod to vintage shirts. Early workwear shirts were made with authentic high quality sewing machines that produced this run off effect when finished. These would usually get cut off in production but would sometimes be missed. Vintage collectors would find these rarities and they became highly sought after, not only for its rarity but because it was a true sign that a shirt is made using authentic vintage sewing machines. Kato makes work shirts following the footsteps of these vintage treasures and the chainstitch runoff is a testament to its quality and heritage. You can choose to wear them with pride or cut them off with no compromise in durability.

 95% cotton, 5% Polyurethane

• Made in USA

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